Sunday, July 20, 2008


SOME lovely friends of Hec's, reading his July 18 post on the inclemency of the ambient temperatures at The Cage, sent him a great photo of the intemperate ocean just outside their beachfront home on the West Australian Riviera. He says it shows exactly why cockatoos seeking a quiet life should not pretend they're sea birds.

Hec traditionally avoids spending too much time at the beach; mostly on the reasonable grounds that you can so easily find yourself getting gulled there. And as for those chippy little waders, well, you wouldn't waste Home Brand poppy seed on them ...

He contrasts the stormy scene here - which he says is enough to scare the processed poppy seed out of anyone - with the view of the distant ocean from The Cage.

That's as close as he likes to get, he says. Plus The Cage is well above the tsunami line in any circumstances short of some happy clappy turning up and saying to you, 'Friend, a giant meteorite is going to vaporise Java. Repent and run.'

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